LG webOS Smart TV’s Announced at CES 2014

Just as predicted, LG has unveiled their new Smart TV platform as the former Palm mobile operating system webOS. With LG webOS branding all over their booth at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, the team at the LG Silicon Valley Lab got to show off what they have been working on for over a year. The fruit of their labor is a smart tv that aims to solve a simple problem, how to make tv simple again. It appears that they have succeeded to an extent.

As you all know, I was a huge fan of Palm and their devices. Looking back on my Sprint Pre, its easy to dismiss it for its hardware, which is now over 4 years old. But on the software side, I would still choose the Pre’s interface over my iPhone 5. webOS was elegant, clean, and had an emphasis on gestures. Everything flowed and seemed to be designed with the user in mind. Universal Search/Just Type was truly a huge improvement over Android and iOS of the time. The card metaphor for multitasking was truly revolutionary and still unmatched to this day.

With that said, I think webOS on Smart TV’s looks very promising. It is definitely not the webOS I fell on love with but that is a good thing. The most up to date version of Palm/HP webOS was released over 2 years ago and the industry has progressed and evolved, it’s only fair that webOS does too. LG’s webOS hardware utilizes the companies Magic Remote for navigation and a combination of voice and gesture based shortcuts. For a great in-depth demonstration (because I am not at CES and they are, plus the Verge is AWESOME) check out the Verge’s coverage here.

I am excited to see how LG builds out the webOS ecosystem that they did reference to in some interviews, but said that at the moment they are focused on simplifying Smart TV’s exclusively right now.


New Picture from the Impending Unveiling of LG webOS Smart TV’s

We received more confirmation that the earlier leaked image is genuine. We just uncovered a press release containing the picture below showing some patrons trying out the new LG webOS Smart TV’s. We’ll leave you to interpret what you are seeing. Let us know what you think in the comment section.640_2-2Source: LG




LG webOS making its grand debut at CES 2014

According to the Verge, LG webOS going to be taking a center stage debut at CES 2014. They have also posted some pictures including the one below of new logo that we all can look forward to seeing on Monday when the official debut will take place. Check out the Verge’s full article here.

Credit: The Verge

Credit: The Verge

I don’t know about all of you, but I have high hopes that our beloved operating system can live again and reach the potential that we all know it has. Leave a comment with your opinions!

5 new OLED LG Smart TV’s will run webOS

According to the Washington Post, LG will unveil 5 new OLED model Smart TV’s at CES as well and they will all run our beloved webOS. This is news since it shows the true commitment of LG to unify their entire lineup of televisions under the LG webOS umbrella.

TV Press Shot Leak

These televisions will of course be the flagship models of the OLED line for LG and with that will probably carry a hefty price tag. Nevertheless, this is still a promising revelation and another step forward for webOS. Let us know what you think in the comment sections below.

Source: The Washington Post

Lost webOS secrets found, but let’s focus on whats coming

The Verge published an excellent article today about the secrets that died when HP pulled the plug on webOS hardware and the platform back in 2011. I recommend, since you found this site, that you check out Dieter Bohn‘s excellent article here.

While I agree that we will never know whether HP’s other designs or the new flat look for webOS (which I thought looked AMAZING) would have been successful, I do think that speculation stating that it would not have been based solely on Microsoft’s expensive and exhausting chase for third place is not necessarily a similar case to what HP had ahead of itself.

Credit: the Verge

Credit: the Verge

There are a few ways this argument could take form. It is in my opinion that the key to success of a platform over the long haul lies in building an entire ecosystem, rather than just one spectacular phone or tablet. That is arguably what Apple has done with all the products they have produced as of late, starting with the iPod and iTunes, the Mac and iPod, and Apple TV and the iDevices. Android is also flush with the Play Store, Google Chrome, and Chromecast. The G1 was not a terribly stellar device, and neither was the iPhone 3g (I had quite a few friends who had hardware issues with their first production model 3G’s). This is where the true play was for HP, and where it could be for LG.

Look at what HP did post webOS, they have made Windows 8 tablets and Chromebooks. Those could have both been products that ran HP webOS and HP would have reaped the benefits of both being the hardware and the software developer. Instead they choose to be subservient to others to make software platforms running on their hardware. Not to mention that HP’s own tablets are now in direct competition with Microsofts own branded Surface line.

LG has no positioned itself in a very interesting position. They now own a platform. A platform that they have dedicated to run the biggest screen in the house. A screen that the bulk of your consumer electronics plug into (in my apartment alone I have an A/V receiver, Playstation 3, Apple TV, and a cable box). My prediction here is that LG has bigger plans than they are leading on as to keep a layer of mystery, and that there investment into Linux ecosystem that can be adapted for multiple platforms is more than just another play for a Smart TV interface. They could have just adapted the “cards” metaphor into an Android runtime but instead purchased webOS in its entirety. I think we should all look forward and focus on the could be instead of the could have been even though the article on the verge did break my heart.

webOS LG Smart TV Press Shot Leaked

The atmosphere in the webOS community has been more active in the past few weeks than in all of 2012. Today, we get a leaked picture of what the team at LG has been working on since acquiring webOS from HP last February.TV Press Shot Leak

According to the image from evleaks, we can see that the webOS has support from twitter, Facebook, youtube and Skype at launch. Although it looks different from the webOS we are accustomed to, we have to keep in mind that during the absence of new hardware, the software team was still developing. It will be interesting how the interface interacts with the cards interface and gestures/voice control that we have learned about. We will continue to bring you continued coverage as we learn more about the upcoming announcement. Please give us your thoughts in the comments below.

webOS was never in the grave

Despite what all the popular tech websites are reporting, webOS was never officially a dead OS. Gram LogoAfter HP pulled the plug on hardware, they took the development team and placed them into a separate unit that operated under the name gram. The news from Gram was always light, even their own website was and still is just the word gram.


Now, its unclear whether LG has purchased all of gram or just the webOS intellectual property from what remained of the Palm division. Nevertheless, the webOS development has been operating under the LG Silicon Valley Lab or LGSVL since February. Since the transition, LG has been promoting the Enyo development framework while the team behind the scenes developed webOS for the big screen. When reading the teams website, they make reference to the existence of two separate versions of webOS. The free and open sourced version published by HP after the discontinuing of the hardware and the version that they have been developing, the original one that we loved on our phones and tablets. This is the one that I presume will be running their products going forward.

It will be very exciting to see what the team in Sunnyvale has developed but it’s somewhat unfair for tech sites to be informing people reading about this very promising smart tv platform that it is born from a dead OS, seeing as it has been always in active development, despite hardware being ceased.


References: gram.com and http://lgsvl.com

LG, HP, LGSVL, and gram are all trademarks of their respective parent corporations.

Why webOS phones and tablets make sense for LG


Ever since HP pulled support for webOS hardware, the platform hasn’t really moved. Nevertheless the competing mobile platforms have shifted greatly since the summer of 2011. Android is now dominated by Samsung and Google manufactures their own hardware through Motorola. Even Microsoft makes their own devices for their platform, something that very few people saw coming and was not well received among their OEM partners. Given these facts, it might be in LG’s interest to invest in building an ecosystem for themselves. A system that not only makes their TV’s superior, but promotes the sales of other LG products due to their ease of integration. As of this writing, LG has not made a huge impact in the US smartphone market, despite having fairly good hardware. The G2 has an amazing screen. The “go to” platform that is Android is very crowded, and arguably an over saturated market. webOS would

Homescreen Pre2


Where webOS lacks in apps, it still makes up for in user interface. It’s the cleanest OS to date,leaving clutter and disorganization behind. The round corners and clean home screen, coupled with the gestures make for a very fluid experience. This experience will be interesting in a television and I am very interested to see how LG has laid it out.

A very interesting thing to note is LG’s public acknowledgement that there will be gestures and voice recognition built right into the new webOS hardware. These additions could bring webOS running on phones and tablets up to par with Android and iOS. It will be very interesting to first see the television sets with webOS, but as a finance person, I would find it very strange that LG would put so much time and money into a platform that they only plan to run televisions.

-Sources: LGnewsroom

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